Psychic & Medium Angelo Di Sipio

The 'Original' Psychic Bad Boyģ©

Iím well known for my accuracy and my practical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth style. 
No metaphysical or esoteric nonsense. 
No cryptic answers. 
No riddles.
I Tell the TRUTH! Can you handle the truth?
I belong to a new generation of Professional Psychics. 
I am not a Hippy. 
I do not pray to non existent gods before my readings. 
I do not dance naked under the full moon. 
I speak plain English. 
I use easy to understand words. 
While some psychics tell you fairytales, I'll tell you the truth. 
While some psychics tell you what you want to hear, I will tell you what you need to hear. 
My readings are completely honest. Iíll tell you exactly what I see: the good, the bad and the ugly. I will tell you what is really going on. 
My name is Angelo DiSipio. I have been called "America's Psychic Bad Boy" by Major American News Media. I am Psychic Medium Angelo, or just Ang.

I do not waste time during readings. My Readings are to the point. I donít ask any questions.   I speak slowly and clearly, I do not rant and rave. I understand you. I want you to understand me. 
I will only ask, "Do you understand?" or "Does this make sense?"  I will accept only Yes or No answers. If you have a gray area, err on the side of caution and tell me "No".
I hope you will be impressed with the quality and quantity of information I provide you. I want you to be so impressed that you will not hesitate to recommend me to other people. 
I don't dabble in Psychic Readings. I am not a part-time Psychic Reader. I am a full-time Psychic and this is what I do.
I have conducted countless readings. I oversee thousands of Psychic Readings a year. I have been a professional Psychic Reader over 46 years.
You can tell me anything you like during a Psychic reading.
Anything you tell me is completely confidential. 
I will not talk down to you.
I will not lecture you. 
I will not bug you.
I will not judge you. 
I offer psychic guidance with love, relationships, career, money, family and psychic development.
During a psychic reading I use a combination of my psychic abilities, including but not limited to: Clairvoyance, Clair-essence,
Intuitive Spirit, Energy Readings, Psychometric and Astral Projection. Combining all these psychic methods means that 
you get an accurate and specific reading tailored to your needs and desires. 
I do not cast curses. 
I do not do black magic. 
I will not harm other people, So please don't ask me. 
I am accurate, precise and honest. 
I guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality and the quantity of the information that I give you.  
I challenge any Psychic anywhere to match my Spirits!!! Period!

© Psychic Medium Angelo Copyright 2000-2011.